Svelte sounds all great on paper, but let’s not forget that it’s not perfect. Before starting a new project with Svelte you should familiarise yourself with at least some of the cons that come with it.

Small community

If you’re a new developer you should be very careful when committing to a long term project in Svelte. The community is still somewhat small when compared to other frameworks like React or Angular. A big and active community is really important for new engineers as without it you may have trouble when it comes to answering some of your questions. It may be very difficult to solve some of the problems when there’s no one around to ask for help.

No cross-platform support

If you need a cross-platform application then Svelte is not the best choice. You will need to write everything again from scratch using other frameworks.

Not many job opportunities

If you’re a new engineer trying to expand on your skillset then Svelte is not going to be the best tech to pick up. There are many much more popular frameworks out there. Even if you manage to master it, then you won’t find many job opportunities where knowing Svelete will actually be an advantage.

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