To handle focus out in React, we use ‘onFocusOut’. It is passed as an attribute in <input> elements, and can be used to perform actions when the cursor leaves the input box.

React’s onFocusOut event is related to the keyboard focus. When the focus is lost, the onFocusOut event is triggered. This can be caused by clicking on something else or by using the keyboard to move the keyboard focus to another application.

A common use case for “onFocusOut” in React input elements is to trigger a form submission when the user navigates away from the input element.

The ‘onFocusOut’ function is passed as an attribute. Below is a simple example:

/* Create a simple input element in React that calls a function when onFocusOut is triggered */ import React from 'react'; const Input = (props) =&gt; { return ( ); }; export default Input;

Difference between ‘onFocusOut’ and ‘onBlur’

While these two event attributes are similar,

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