A common issue when adding a required attribute to a textbox/textarea in an Angular application is that someone can just press space bar once, and the “required” validation is completed. A space counts as character!

The simple way to get around this is to use a regex pattern attribute to validate that there is more than just a space. Something like :

<input type="text" pattern="^(?!\s*$).+" />

But this quickly gets annoying to copy and paste everywhere. A better solution if you need to validate multiple fields the same way is to create a nice directive. Here’s one I prepared earlier :

import { Directive } from '@angular/core';
import { NG_VALIDATORS, Validator, ValidationErrors, AbstractControl } from '@angular/forms';

  selector: '[noWhitespace]', 
  providers: [{ provide: NG_VALIDATORS, useExisting: NoWhitespaceDirective, multi: true }]
export class NoWhitespaceDirective implements Validator {

  constructor() { }

  validate(control: AbstractControl): ValidationErrors {
    if(!control.value || control.value.trim() == '')
      return {'required' : true };

    return null;


Simply place this on any text input/area control like so :

<input type="text" noWhitespace />

And you will now validate that the control has a value *and* that the value is not just whitespace. Easy!

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