ReactJS is an open-source JS library. Developers make front-end applications UI using it. React makes a developer’s life easy as it is very easy to make an interactive application with all sorts of functionality. But there is some more effort when it comes to making your end-user stick to your application and for that, the developer needs some good aesthetics in the application, design, and attractive look of the application making the user come back again and again as a returning user. UI/UX is a very important factor in most front-end applications. In this article, we are going to look at some of the best and most powerful UI libraries that a developer can plugin to their application.

1. Material Kit 2 React

Material Kit 2 React has 40+ frontend individual HTML elements like navbars, inputs, alerts, cards, and many more. You can easily customize the components to change the background color, size, and much more. It comes in with pre-built blocks which make the development process easy.

2. Ant Design of React

Ant Design for react is a UI library that consists of high-quality, ready-to-use components. Some of the top-notch features of Ant Design are

  • Enterprise-class UI designs for web apps.
  • Theme customization in every detail.
  • Internationalization support.
  • Typescript support with predictable static types.
  • High-quality react components

3. Semantic UI React

With Semantic you can design beautiful, responsive websites in no time. With Semantic you have over 50 UI components, 3000+ theme variables, intuitive JS, and simplified debugging. You can get started with Semantic UI React using Package Manager or use CDN which is probably the quickest way to get started. The support with documentation and demos is out of the box as well.

4. Evergreen UI

Evergreen is a framework for React UI so the developer can build creative and satisfying interfaces. Following are the core principles for Evergreen

  • Flexibility – Variations for the developer to use it as they want with endless flexibility.
  • Contributor-Friendly – Evergreen promotes robust documentation and a friendly tone when writing it so those using it feel positive towards contributing back to the framework.
  • Sensible Defaults – After plugging it in, the developer can customize it with expressive API.

5. Material UI – MUI

Formerly known as Material-UI, MUI is one of the most popular UI component libraries. It consists of many pre-built components which are ready to serve in your application. With customization options, Material UI makes life very easy for the developer. Here are some reasons you could pick this library

  • Already used by many organizations – It has been there since react thus making the community really strong.
  • Minimal effort – The components by default are of top quality if the developer decides not to do any customization.
  • Build Faster – 2500+ components can make your application go up and running in no time.

Wrap Up

Statistically speaking, React is one of the most preferred front-end libraries. The usage is divided among individuals, organizations, and businesses. These UI libraries are a lifesaver if you are short of time and aim to ship your application fast. This one was not technical but I hope it was as helpful. I hope to see you at the next one. Take care.

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